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Case Study on Volunteer Patsy Sheridan

Cavan Volunteering Information Service (VIS): Case Study on Volunteer Patsy Sheridan

Patsy Sheridan is and always has been a local of Cavan Town. Patsy was not involved in his local Men's Shed or the Community Radio before 2014 because he always kept busy, he's a man with many plans and he likes to keep active and about.

Then, in 2014 Patsy fell ill. It was the type of illness that shakes you to your core and makes you question everything and he had plenty of time to do it because the doctors forbade him from the hectic and physically demanding lifestyle he once had. He’s not young, but nor is he old so Patsy could not simply lie down and die. His motto is “life’s for living, not moping around”.

So, at first he joined a small amateur radio station. A place where he knew no one and he could sit and keep busy but get out and about nonetheless. Two years on Patsy is making 2 shows a week with thousands of listeners tuning in all throughout the year. Everywhere he goes in town, people beep and wave and Patsy brings a smile.

Next, a Men’s Shed opened up and Patsy – being inclined to be a handy enough fella – joined on the promise to his family he’d take it easy. He doesn’t though. He’s in there three times a week busting a gut, but not from hard work; it’s all from laughter. You see, for Patsy a Men’s Shed is there to produce 2 things; a place for men to go and a place for men to laugh. Patsy daily provides this.

So, in 3 years Patsy has gone from a hard working workaholic who had the rug torn from under him by illness and circumstance to seeing that volunteering can transform your life, make you a new and better person and not only bring a smile to his face but put a smile on others. Patsy is a volunteer hero and we’re proud to have him with us.

I have read over this story and though I’m embarrassed I’m happy to see it go out to try and encourage others to get involved in their local communities.

Patsy Sheridan

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