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Seirbhís agus eolas obair dheonach


Volunteering is at the heart of the community

2016 Cathoirleach Community Awards

A massive Thank You to all of our volunteers!

Welcome to Cavan "Volunteering Information Service" (VIS)

The Cavan Volunteering Information Centre ‘Website’ provides a placement Service between:

a) Individuals who wish to undertake voluntary activity; and
b) organisations/groups that are seeking to involve volunteers.

Its primary function is to match individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate volunteering opportunities. This is achieved through registering with the Cavan VIC Website.

The overall aim of the website will be to increase the numbers volunteering in the County and promote volunteering as a rewarding and fulfilling activity. The website also includes information on supports available to volunteers and volunteer organisations, upcoming events and latest news, together with links to other relevant sites.

Cavan Volunteering Information Centre is an associate affiliate of Volunteer Ireland. Volunteer Ireland is the national volunteer development agency, and a support body for Volunteer Centres and Volunteering Information Services in Ireland. The main support partner for the Cavan VIC is the Cavan Public Participant Network (PPN).

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10 Reasons to Volunteer

  1. Give something back to your community or society There is a powerful feeling associated with helping others and playing your part in making your community and society a better place to live in.
  2. Gain valuable training and experience, which may lead to paid employment Volunteering can allow you to gain valuable experience, which can help you take that all-important first step on the career ladder after graduation. It also allows you to polish your professional skills, the basics of being reliable and punctual.
  3. Make use of special interests, skills and talents Are you a social media junkie? Or an IT wizard? Community groups and charities can benefit from your expertise. Share your knowledge and skills with a not-for-profit organisation and put your know-how to great use!
  4. Meet new people Volunteering with a charitable society in your college or university can be a great way of meeting people from outside your course and social circle.
  5. Explore an area of work you are considering as a career Now is the time to test the water! Find a volunteering role in an area or position of interest and see whether it works for you.
  6. Expand your network – make new professional contacts Volunteering is a great way of meeting people and making new friends with similar interests. Build connections with community groups and not-for-profit organisations.
  7. Build your confidence and self-esteem Volunteering will bring you into contact with new people in challenging and rewarding situations. Volunteering can help you become more self-assured in social and professional environments.
  8. Learn new skills and/or develop new interests Add new skills and expertise to your CV by volunteering. Explore new areas and activities – you never know, you might end up discovering a new passion!
  9. Hone your leadership skills Hone your leadership skills. As a volunteer, you may be presented with opportunities to supervise others or manage a project -invaluable professional skills that will really add to your CV.
  10. Make a difference!


Case Study on Volunteer Patsy Sheridan

Patsy Sheridan is and always has been a local of Cavan Town. Patsy was not involved in his local Men’s Shed or the Community Radio before 2014 because he always kept busy, he’s a man with many plans and he likes to keep active and about

Calling all Volunteers & Groups

We need your help..Cavan Volunteering Information Service would like to invite past and present volunteers and volunteer led organisations to write a little piece about their experience of volunteering

Voluntary Work & Social Welfare

Sometimes people in receipt of social welfare want to volunteer but are worried about how volunteering might affect their social welfare payments. The Department of Social Protection will not penalise…

2016 Cathoirleach Community Awards

2016 Cathoirleach Community Awards

Did You Know...?

  • Over 14,400 volunteers engaged with I-VOL and local Volunteer Centres in 2015 and these volunteers clocked up an incredible 470,000 hours of volunteering!
  • You may do some volunteering work and keep your social welfare payment as long as you continue to meet all the conditions attached to your payment. READ MORE ...
  • We all have the capacity to be a superhero. In order to become one, you just have to find your unique power or ability and exploit it for the greater good. The cape and mask are optional accessories, but a kind heart is essential.”~ Robert Clancy